Tokuma Shoten selects a new president

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Matsushita Takeyoshi becomes head of Ghibli's parent company.

According to the 19th issue of Nippon Keizai Shimbun, Tokuma Shoten held the excectives' meeting on the 18th and decided that 62 year old Matsushita Takeyoshi, would replace Yasuyoshi Tokuma as the president of Tokuma Shoten.

Yasuyoshi Tokuma died on Wednesday September 20th, 2000 at 78 years of age. He had been president of the the company that carries his name, Tokuma Shoten, since 1954. Tokuma was recognized as the man who first gave Hayao Miyazaki his chance as a director, and continued to fund almost every single Ghibli film ever created. Fore more details about Mr. Tokuma and his death, see here.

Matsushita actually replaces Makito Kengo, who was selected as acting president of Tokuma Shoten during executive meetings held by Tokuma Shoten on September 18th and 21st. Matsushita is the chairman of the money-lending firm Quark, an affiliat company of the Sumitomo Bank. He used to be a managing director of Sumitomo until 1992.

Editors note: All names in Japanese order, family name first.

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