New York Times article about Violent anime

posted on 2001-01-28 14:48 EST
Violence Finds a Niche in Children's Cartoons

Today's New York Times is running an article entitled "Violence Finds a Niche in Children's Cartoons" which discusses and focuses on the violence in Anime.

The article, which can be read here, also discusses the reasosn for the popularity of Anime. According to the article Anime is popular with young boys because of the similarity to already popular Japanese video games, and it is popular with broadcasters because it is inexpensive when compared to domestically produced cartoons. "Anime cartoons are so much cheaper because they are more simply animated than their American cousins — their halting style requires fewer actual drawings per episode."

Although the article itself is devoid of any editorial comments by the author, the authors writting does remain blatantly one sided. However the violence in the Anime is somewhat deffended by comments from people such as Amy Aidman, research director for the Center for Media Education who is quoted as saying, ""Not all violence is equal, and not all fighting is equal," she said. "You have to break it down. Who are the heroes? Is aggressive behavior being re-enforced?"

Perhaps a journalist who is more familiar with the topic being reported would have been able to avoid making generalisations about all Anime based on the few Anime series that have been presented by American broadcasting companies.

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