No Japanese Guests for Otakon 2001 (yet)

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Contrary to posts on news sites (including our own, earlier today) and the Official Otakon 2001 Flyer, there are actually *no* confirmed Japanese guests for Otakon 2001.

Thomas Heaton, a member of the Guest Relations Department for Otakon has confirmed that there are no Japanese Guests of Honor for Otakon 2001.

In an e-mail to the Otakon Mailing List on February 7th, 2001, Mr. Heaton states:

According to rumors, Otakon has confirmed Hikaru Midorikawa as a Guest of Honor for the 2001 convention. A post was made concerning this yesterday, a friend of mine heard of this through an un-named party, and of highest concern: the current flyer that has been sent out has Mr. Midorikawa listed as a confirmed Guest.

Currently, Otakon has NO confirmed Japanese Guests of Honor, though there are negotiations currently under way to confirm some anime-related talent. The current rumor stems from the fact that Mr. Midorikawa is indeed currently interested in attending, but as of yet, no concrete agreement has been made, and we are in no position to claim him as a Guest.

Mr. Heaton goes on to say:

As I've stated before, this list will be the first to hear about the Guest confirmations as they come. The webpage should be up shortly, and any information found on that site will be accurate (as opposed to the flyers which were prepared incorrectly and sent out before the error was caught).

This confirms that the flyers sent with the "confirmed" Hikaru Midorikawa (Heero in Gundam Wing, Zelgadis in Slayers) are in error.

ANN apologies to our readers, as well as Otakon and Mr. Midorikawa, for making this mistake.

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