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Speaking at the Urban Vision panel at Fanime, Rhona Medina explained that the biggest thing on Urban Visions plate for 2001 would be the theatrical release of the new Vampire Hunter D: Movie, and the eventual home video release.

The Movie, which will soon be renamed to something along the lines of "Vampire Hunter D - Eternal Thirst" (this title may change between now and the theatrical release), will be released to theatres in Japan and Korea on April 21st, followed by America sometime in September. A home video release (VHS and DVD) should follow for Christmas 2001.

Theatrical plans for North America are a top 20 release (top 20 cities) or, failing that, a top 8 at the very least.

During D's art house run many people complained about not being able to see the movie in its original Japanese, somewhat of a misunderstanding because the movie's original language is English. VHD was animated in Japan, but the initial voices were done in America, in English, and the script was written with this in mind. The Japanese and Korean theatrical versions will be in English with Japanese or Korean subtitles. The eventual DVD release will include both Japanese and English tracks as well as a Dolby 5.1 audio track. Final touching up, re-dubbing and 5.1 mastering has just been completed.

Urban Vision should have dates and theatre name for the American theatrical release sometime soon. Originally UV did show VHD to some major studios, many of which were interested in aquiring the film outright. However UV refused the sales because the studios were only interested in a limited, arthouse theatrical runs, whereas UV wants much more. This was stressed several times during the panle, UV will be putting its full weight behind this theatrical release, they will have a publicity campaign in the mainstream media, aiming the film not only at the Anime market, but also at the mainstream Action and Goth movie markets.

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