Takahashi to restart One Pound Gospel

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In a post to the AnimEigo Talk ML, Moe Anders said in the latest Shonen Sunday (Iss. 25) Takahashi has restarted her One-Pound Gospel manga.

Excerpted from the AnimEigo Talk ML post by Moe Anders:
Some things are just too good to be allowed to end, and so, it happens from time to time that manga artists return to works they tried to finish. And so it is with Rumiko Takahashi, who this week in Shonen Sunday (issue 25) returns to a beloved old chestnut... Is it Ranma, Urusei Yatsura, the one with the espers and the garbage, Maison Ikkoku, the Mermaid saga, sheesh I could even imagine a return of Maris the supergal...but this?! Well, here they are, the boxer who can't be bothered about training and the nun who has no relationship whatsoever with him or any other man (she's a nun, for God's sake). I don't see a story here, and neither did anyone else, which is why it only ran for three volumes even though Takahashi was at the height of her popularity. So, well; let's here it for the return of One Pound Gospel! Yay.

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