Fans continue to Lament Cardcaptor Sakura

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Internet fans continue to lament the ongoing re-writting of Cardcaptors.

Whetehr it is in usenet newsgroups, webboards or private mailing lists, internet fans of Card Captor Sakura continue to discuss the changes being made to the series by Nelvana.

Most readers will remember the controversy stirred up earlier this year when Nelvana first introduced Cardcaptors, starting in the middle of the series and relegating Sakura, the main character of the original series, to the part of a "co-star" or even supporting character.

At the time, fans hoped and even prayed that Nelvana would leave the rest of the series alone.

While a sub-licence to Pioneer, which releases the original, unedited version of Card Captor Sakura on subbed VHS and subbed DVD, was the answer for some fans, other fans still lament the editing being done to the broadcast version of Cardcaptors.

Most recently, the episode corresponding to the first season finale was aired on TV. In the original, Sakura spent much of the episode trying to figure out what kind of Christmas gift to get for another character. In the corresponding episode of Cardcaptors, the Christmas gift aspect is removed entirely from the show and Sakura is instead said to be worrying about a dream that she had earlier in the show.

As fans wait to see what season two will bring, one thing that is certain is that Nelvana will continue to re-write the series and the only option fans will remain the home video releases by Pioneer.

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