C.B. Cebulski Talks Mangaverse, X-men

posted on 2001-10-09 09:26 EDT
The Comics Continuum has posted a converasation with C.B. Cebulski here about the upcoming Marvel Mangaverse X-Men: Equinox book he will be doing will Jeff Matsuda.

"I went up to Marvel one day a while back to meet with a few editors about some of the Japanese artists I am friends with possibly working on some of their comics," he said. "I think it was at about this time that the Mangaverse project was just getting rolling. The subject came up over lunch and quickly became the main topic of conversation. After hearing what Marvel had in mind, I expressed a few opinions and concerns I had in regards to doing a project of this nature."

Cebulski said Marvel had the same concerns he had.

"So many people have tried to do manga or anime 'style' books in the past that it has become almost trendy and cliche," Cebulski said. "However, most artists and companies that have tried it have simply swiped and ripped off the ideas, characters and themes from popular titles like Ghost In the Shell, Akira, Battle Angel Alita or Lodoss War. They also focused solely on the visual aspect, making the artwork seemingly look like what they thought manga and anime were supposed to be. Maybe the played with the coloring to make it look different and deemed it 'anime coloring.' Anime and manga fans were onto this from day one though and blasted it.

"Marvel was well aware of this and wanted to avoid the pitfalls so many others who have tried it before had fallen into. I was so happy to hear they were so on the ball."

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