Love Hina OVA confirmed

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
3rd OVA already under production, scanned image not a hoax. Love Hina Manga to end with chapter 123.

ANN has confirmed that the new Love Hina OVA is a reality. This image has been confirmed to be a legitimate scan from the latest volume of the Japanese Love Hina manga.

Production on the OVA series is already underway, it is being directed by IWASAKI Yoshiaki.

Anime News Service has also been able to confirm the 3rd OVA, adding that it will be released as a 3 volume DVD and Akamatsu Ken, creator of the Manga, is involved with the development of the OVA.

Also mentioned on ANS is that Mr. Akamatsu has announced that the Manga will close with chapter 123 in volume 14. He has already completed up to chapter 121 and has two more chapters to complete. Apparently the series will end with a very happy ending.

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