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BuzzDC Holding Anime Party

posted on by George Phillips
On Friday, November 9th, Washington DC's Buzz Nightclub is holding an Anime Dance Party!

Excerpted from the Buzz e-Flyer:

Special Admission: $15 before 11 p.m | $20 after 11 p.m.

CHARLES FEELGOOD || www.moonshinemusic.com | www.djfeelgood.com, Baltimore ||
DJ TAUCHER || Scuba | Tranzworld, Germany ||
DJ INK & LOXY || Cylon | Renegade Hardware | Architecture, UK ||
NIGEL DAWSON || Renaissance | Whoop! | Bliss Productions | Hands On Deck, UK ||
JOHN TAB || Buzz | "Solitary Refinement" | "Sell Your Soul", DC ||
KEITH ROCKA || www.leisuresociety.com | Soft Productions, NY ||
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
The future is now: Take warning! Buzz Anime is set to invade the space some know as Nation. If you were around last January you may have a hint of what to expect for this Anime party: robots, dancers decked out in futuristic costumes, martial artists, space invaders, mutant animals... you know, the usual! The big screen in the main room and all 30+ video monitors will play your favorite Anime films. Request your favorite Anime films now by emailing: [email protected]

Receive $3 off admission for people who wear anime outfits. This means ladies in "neon wigs with laser guns," guys in martial arts robes and other futurist themes. 2001 -- the future is now. Jessica Manna is the judge in the lobby -- you know the routine.

Click here for additional information.

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