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Bandai Aquires G-Gundam

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
No dates yet.

Bandai's Jerry Chu has confirmed a recent post on Anime News Service that the company has aquired the North American rights to Mobile Fighter G-Gundam. This should come as no surprise as Bandai has made it clear that they plan on eventually releasing each and every Gundam title in North America.

While casting is being done for G-Gundam parts at Ocean Studios in Vancouver BC, Jerry told us that Bandai's current focus is on Gundam 0080, 0083, Char's Counter Attack and 08thMS Team. An official statement regarding the title is expected to be made by Bandai within a month, however at this time absolutely no details about a release date are available.

G-Gundam, which should not be confused with the live action G-Saviour Gundam series coming out on DVD on January 22nd, is the first of three alternate Gundam Universes created when Sunrise commisioned a group of newcomers to create an entirely new and alternate Gundam universe to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Gundam. Gundam Wing and Gundam X are the other two.

G-Gundam is set in the FC (Future Century) timeline, in FC 60. In the alternate, FC timeline the roles have been reversed with the Colonies being teh center of humanity and Earth little more than a ravaged wasteland used for Gundam fighting contests.

Instead of resorting to wars to settle their differences, the colonies engage in contest featuring solo combat between two Gundams. The fights take place on the earth and a dhere to a strict set of rules similar in many ways to the rules governing profesional boxing. For example absolutely no attacks to the cockpit or pilot (known as Gundam Fighters) are permitted.

The year FC (Future Century) 60 has begun, and the Gundam Fight has begun anew. After the elites of each of Earth's nations fled the polluted planet, creating luxurious space colonies from which they could control the wretched masses they'd left behind, they soon found themselves at war with each other. To resolve the conflict, it was decided that leadership would be rotated among the space colonies. Every four years, a tournament is held to determine which colony will be the temporary master of the world.

This tournament is the Gundam Fight. Each space colony selects a champion to be its Gundam Fighter, and constructs a giant combat machine called a mobile fighter for its national representative to take into battle. Representing Neo Japan, Neo America, Neo China and a hundred other nations, the Gundam Fighters meet in martial combat to fight, and fight, and fight until only one remains. And, of course... Earth is the ring!

But this time, in the 13th Gundam Fight, other forces are at play. An experiment has gone awry, and a nanotechnological monster of unspeakable power has been loosed. When Neo Japanese Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu falls to Earth, he has more on his mind than just winning the tournament; he must find the Devil Gundam, created by his father and stolen by his brother, before a catastrophe befalls the world that will dwarf anything ever before imagined...

The 49 episode G-Gundam TV series aired on Japanese television from April 22nd, 1994 to March 31st, 1995

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