Tokyopop to Release Gundam Technical Manuals

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Volume 1: Gundam Technical Manual 1: Gundam Wing on sale in March.

Tokyopop has announced a set of "Gundam Technical Manuals" that will look at the various parts of the various Gundam Universes.

The first technical Manual, "Gundam Technical Manual 1: Gundam Wing," covers the Gundam Wing Universe, also called the Universal Century (UC) timeline.

From TRSI's item description:

First volume in a continuing series covering the entire Gundam universe!

Have you ever wondered how a beam rifle works, or how many people live in an orbital colony, or what powers a mobile suit? Now your questions are answered. The ultimate guide to the most popular story in the Gundam saga is finally here! Gundam Technical Manual #1: Gundam Wing covers all of your favorite fighting mechs and the men and women who pilot them.

Full-color design schematics for all Mobile Suits in the Gundam Wing universe, including custom models.
Histories of the Peacecraft Kingdom, Magnac Corps, and the Romefeller Group.
Biographies of all the key players in the Gundam Wing story.
Confidential reports on Operation Meteor.
All-new paintings of Gundam units in action.

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