Viz Announces "No. 5"

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Viz announces the graphic novel release of No. 5., the latest work from the creator of the Black & White comic series.

Viz has sent out a press release announcing their upcoming graphic novel release of No. 5, the latest Manga from Taiyo Matsumoto, the creator of Black & White (also available from Viz).

B&W, 152-pages, $15.95 U.S. ($25.95 Canada).

Excertps from press release:

In a world that has become 70% harsh desert, the Rainbow Council of The International Peace Keeping Force, a race of super-powered global security guardians that work for Supreme Headquarters, have a growing crisis on their hands. Guardian No. 5, one of their own, and known within the council as their top warrior and marksman, has left his post with a female and gone rogue. It's up to the other guardians, in the tradition of their ancient code of honor, to track him down. But No. 5, with his mysterious companion Matroshka, refuses to go down without a fight.

With his bold compositions, arresting and surreal art style, and a unique combination of European comics and Japanese pace and storytelling, creator Taiyo Matsumoto is one of Japan's most recognizable and stylish manga artists. Matsumoto is known for his provocative work Black & White, the story of two orphans amid a harsh street life. Black & White was his first work published in America. No. 5 is Masumoto's latest work and was released in Japan in December 2001.

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