Kitty Cuts a full episode from Maiden Diaries

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Second episode removed from adult title, possibly two episodes removed.

According to a report on Anime Prime's No Editing Zone, Media Blasters will be cutting a full episode from their upcoming release of the Maiden Diaries.

Maiden Diaries, originally titled "Karano Nakano Kotori" and five episodes long, will have its entire second episode removed from the series when it is released by MB's adult (Hentai/Bishoujou) line, Kitty.

Each episode of Kara no Nakano Kotori originally focused on a different woman, and it is believed that the second episode was cut because of the age of the main character.

The omission of the second episode is nothing new. Four of the episodes, Maiden of Decadence, Maiden of Deception, Maiden of Desire and Maiden of Destruction, have already been released on VHS by Kitty.

With an original running time of 35 minutes an episode, Kitty's website listing Maiden Diaries as 140 minutes total would seem to confirm that one complete episode has indeed been cut from the series.

Contradicting this information, and suggesting the removal of two complete episodes from the DVD, TRSI lists the DVD as having a running time of only 120 minutes and only three episdes.

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