Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Clarification

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Some people have misinterpretted our statements regarding Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure and Synch-Point, and some more details about the status of Jo Jo.

It has come to our understanding that some people have misundertood and misquoted our recent Digital Manga article with regards to Super Techno Arts and Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure. Super Techno Arts decision to take JoJo to another distributor predates the DM split and is unrelated. It was only mentioned in the same article because it was important information in regards to the status of various Synch-Point titles.

As previously mentionned, Super Techno Arts, the American licensing arm of Studio A.P.P.P., is currently in discussion with other companies in regards to getting Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure released in North America.

According to Cindy Yamauchi Super Techno Arts is talking to "the usual companies" in regards to Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure. While Super Techno Arts also has the distribution rights to several other titles from A.P.P.P such as Barry Party, Sci-Fi Harry and Robot Carnival, Cindy made it clear to us that Jo Jo's Bizarre Aventure was their priority at this time.

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