This Spring's Anime in Japan

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Anime on Japanese television, OAV and movies released this spring in Japan.

Tenative start dates include
2/3 Galaxy Angel
2/14 Initial D Battle stage
2/18 Kick Off 2002
3/4 Rockman Exe
4/2 Jyuni Kokuki (12 Countries Story)
4/2 Tokyo Underground
4/2 Chobits
4/3 .Hack
4/6 Happy Lesson
4/8 Tenchi Muyo Gxp
5/27 King Bandit Jing

.Hack will tie in with a June 6th release of the a Playstation 2 real time RPG game by the same name. The series is written by Itoh Kazunori (Patlabor), directed by Mashimo Kou-Ichi, with character design from Sadamoto Yoshiyuki(Evangelion). The official page can be seen at

Tenchi GXP is written by Kirishima Masaki(Tenchi Muyo-Series,Dual), and Kuroda Yohsuke(Infinity Ryvius,Scryed), directed by Watanabe Shin-Ichi(Excel Saga) with character design by Okuda Jun (Dual). Seiyu (voice actors) include Motegi Shigeru as Yamada Seina, Suzuki Mariko as Amane Kaunack, as Masaki Kiriko, Kugawa Aya as Barta Ryoko, and Mizutani Yuko as Kura Mitusmi-Toto. The official web page can be seen at with character design here

Aquarian Age is a new series from by JVC ( Victor Entertainment) and Broccoli. The official page can be seen here, with English information at here.

The official Happy Lesson page can be found at here with information about the Dreamcast game
here, and "Shonen Ace" manga series here.

Chobits is Madhouse's anime adaptation of the recent manga series by CLAMP.

The official Inital D website can be seen at here and here

OAVS (direct to vide releases)
"Archade Gamer Fubukino" will be released on February 25th/

Images of the Gate Keepers 21 seroes can be seen at, and here with production details here

reports Monkey Punch's Lupin III will continue in a new 50 minute OAV on the crest of the 30th anniversary celebrated in October. A new OVA is planned with the roughly translated title "Lupin III World - The Magic Teacher Who Has Lived". Reportedly this OAV will be set in tone along the lines of the very first Lupin TV series which is renowed for it's "harder" tone compared to more recent works. April 3rd will see it arrive on DVD from 8500 Yen from VAP. First press copies include 3 discs total, the OAV DVD, a soundtrack CD and CD-ROM with desktop accessories. Extras include Secret Ending which can only be accessed after viewing the animation once through, Art Gallery, Original Monkey Punch / Seiyuu audio Interview, Japanese Subtitles, Dolby 5.1CH and DTS specification. VAP's official site for the latest Lupin III OAV includes images and other details surronding this title. The story will focus on the return of a character from the original TV sereis and the stage will be the Mediterranean.
Director: Mamoru Hamatsu (BT'X, Samurai Troopers, Arislan Series Director)
Script: Aya Katsuragi (BT'X scenario, )
Storyboard: Mamoru Hamatsu
Character Design: Akira Hirayama
Art Supervisor: Takashi Miyano
Photography Supervision:
Satoru Otsubo Compilation: T.D.B
Acoustic Supervision: Satoshi Kato
Music Supervision: Kiyoshi Suzuki
Music: Yuji Ono

Lupin III: Kanachi Kurita
Jigen Daisuke: Obayashi Kiyoshi
Ishikawa Goemon: Inoue Makio

The third One Piece movie should also be hitting Japanese theatres on 3/2.

WXIII Patlabor The Movie 3 will be released on 3/30. For images and trailers see here

Palm Tree will be released on 3/30. For images and trailers see here

Anime News Service reports Detective Conan Movie: The Phantom Of Baker StreetScheduled to begin running from April 2002 is the latest Detective Conan feature from Toho. In this adventure, Conan travels to the heart of the birth of the real-life Sherlock Homes lesson in London where his new mystery to solve will involve a case with roots in the 19th century. original story by Aoyama Goushou, Shogakukan, Yomiuri television. Toho's Official Detective Conan: The Phantom Of Baker Street Website can be viewed at the link, there one will find an image of the movie poster, quicktime or windows media trailer to be uploaded soon, cinema quiz and other info.

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