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AnimEigo updates KOR Response

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Offers refund, promises to consult clients in the future

Following a serious lashing from fans on various internet forums, including AnimEigo's own mailing lists, AnimEigo CEO Robert Woodhead has updated his response to fans regarding the Kimagure Orange Road DVD. Included in the response is an explaination that any DVD re-pressing is at least a year off, an offer of a refund to unsatisfied clients and a promise to consult fans before making similar changes in the future.

The new message was posted to AnimEigo's website (replacing the original) and mailed to clients who had ordered the DVD set.

Some people are wondering if the credits are somehow missing. They aren't!

The closing credits are present at the end of each episode. The opening credits has been placed in the credit section of the discs. Volumes 1,4,7 & 10 carry one opening credit sequence, volumes 2, 5, 8, & 11 carry the second, and volumes 3, 6, 9, & 12 hold the 3rd sequence.

Why we did it:

The opening credits for each episode are pretty much identical, it's the same credits over one of the songs. In fact, the opening credit sequences were provided to us on their own D2 master tape, while the ending credits (which vary each episode) came attached to the episodes themselves.

During our work on Macross we wanted to give the viewer an option to turn the credits off & on. This turned out to be very difficult to implement reliably on different DVD players. To avoid the same difficulties with the KOR discs, and to increase the play back reliability on certain DVD players, we decided not to "push the envelope."

Once that decision was made, the only way to include the opening credits in front of each episode was to edit in a copy of them (which is in fact what we did when we made the VHS and LD versions). But there is a downside to doing that on DVD; extra video = less bits for the main program.

We decided to "spend the bits" on the main program, thus the unusual layout of the credits.

What we did wrong:

We thought we were making the right decision. If we'd known what the reaction was going to be, we would have rethought it. But we didn't know, because we didn't ask. That was just plain dumb, and we apologize -- and pledge that it won't happen again.

What we will do:

We are currently discussing what our future policy on DVD credits and layouts will be, and will make an announcement -- and solicit your comments -- in the very near future. We'll also be asking for your opinions on things like box design.

One thing that is clear is this: if on any future titles we feel that the best course is to deviate from the traditional "opening and ending credits on each episode" format, we'll announce this well in advance. All titles currently in production (in particular, You're Under Arrest), use the traditional layout.

If you are still unsatisfied:

A couple of people have emailed and asked if we are going to be remastering the set to correct this issue. Realistically, this probably isn't possible, as the remastering changes involved will be extensive. If it does happen, it won't be until we need to press more discs, which won't be until next year at the earliest (when KOR becomes available in the stores).

However, if the current layout of the KOR DVD set is unacceptable to you and you wish to return it, you may do so and we will refund your money.

PS: we added couple of subtitle streams to those opening credits. One contains the credits, the other the song lyrics. Or you can watch them totally unsubtitled.

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