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KOR Opening Credits?

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
A lot of people are wondering what happenned to the Opening credits on the Kimagure Orange Road DVDs... AnimEigo explains

AnimEigo has made an interesting decision not to include the Kimagure Orange Road opening credits at the beginning of each episode, but rather place them in the extras. At first many people thought the credits were simply missing, and now that AnimEigo has explained where to find them there have been mixed feelings amongst KOR fans regarding the decision. One thing remains clear, that AnimEigo continues to try inoventive ways to give fans the best DVDs they can... whether they succeed or not is a matter of opinion.

Excerpted from AnimEigo's website:

The opening credits has been placed in the credit section of the discs. Volumes 1,4,7 & 10 carry one opening credit sequence, volumes 2, 5, 8, & 11 carry the second, and volumes 3, 6, 9, & 12 hold the 3rd sequence.

Sounds bizarre, right? But there is a method in our madness:

The opening credits for each episode are pretty much identical, it's the same credits over one of the songs. In fact, the credit sequences were provided to us on their own D2 master tape.

During our work on Macross we wanted to give the viewer an option to turn the opening songs off & on. This turned out to be very difficult to program. So to avoid the same difficulties with the KOR discs, and to increase the play back reliability on lower end DVD players we decided not to do that with KOR.

By the way, we added couple of subtitle streams to those opening credits. One contains the credits, the other the song lyrics. Or you can watch them totally unsubtitled. We figured this would give you extra flexibility, and would work on more of the weird DVD players you guys tend to use.

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