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posted on 2002-11-28 23:29 EST
Astronomers pay tribute to Anime Master

Source: Asahi (JApanese)

On November 28th, the Japanese National Astronomical Observatory announced that two asteroids had been named Totoro and Miyazakihayao.

Whenever an asteroid is found it is assigned a numerical designation based on its orbit, but the disoverer also has the right to name it and apply to International Astronomy Union (IAU) for official recognition of that name.

An amateur astronomer, Takao Kobayash, in O-izumi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan discovered two asteroids, 10160 and 8883, in 1994. 10160 can read "toh-o (10) roku (6)" and 8883 can as "mittsu (3) yattsu (8) san (3)" in Japanese (the latter contains three '8') . So he decided to name them Totoro and Miyazakihayao.

There is already an asteroid named Reiji, after animation great - Leiji Matsumoto.

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