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A Short Talk with Yoshiyuki Tomino

posted on by Garry Berryhill
Here is a short interview with Yoshiyuki "Kill 'Em All" Tomino, creator of Gundam.

Ai Ijima- Was it you who named the protagonist as Amuro?

Yoshiyuki Tomino- I did. I like to make people strange names. I was sure that such name as Amuro did exist nowhere in the world.

AI- So you must have been surprised when the female singer called Namie Amuro did appear from Okinawa five years before.

YT- No, I wasn't at that time because I had once been already. Three months after the First Gundam began, a letter arrived at Sunrise. It said there was an island called Amuro in Okinawa. I went to visit it after the production finished.

AI- What about the island?

YT- Its length was 250 meter and width was 50. That's Amuro, a little island. I buried a Gundam coin made to commemore the movie release in the soil.

AI- About King Geiner

YT- The story begins in the winter of Sivelia. I take care that the sun is low to make an atomosphere of Sivelia. In each shot, the sun shines from the side. [...] Look, this is young Geiner. He is a shy videogame lover. But, as the story proceeds, he is getting tough. I finished the latest storyboard two days before. In it, he grows so that he can cry "I love Sara" in the public.

AI- Does he really love Sara?

YT- He does. I don't like the girl like her, though. I like more mature girl. I don't understand that anime fans and the anime industry people like girls more than women. As a man not so young anymore, I can't understand the trend. My most favorite is Kirishia among female Anime characters I created.

AI- About Z Gundam

YT- To tell the truth, as a creator of Gundam I think I should not have ake the sequel to Gundam. I, however, think as a producer it's a nice decision for me to have made Z Gundam. Gundam 2, or Z, was so dark. I directed Z in order to tell "Hey, watch my new Gundam, youngsters. Why are you not so lively like them in Z ?" But Z resulted in Gundam getting more popular. I do not like Z but it made a modest economic success. It resulted that various Gundam shows appeared directed without me. As a result of my decision to make a sequel to First Gundam, Gundam Saga has proceeded over 20 years. At the same time, I feel I should have finished Gundam story in the first series.

AI- About your next project

YT- I'm interested in describing 'pure love' in my next show. So I read The Rose of Versaiu and Candy Candy last year for the first time. I was moved. Impressed. [...] I really come to think about making an Anime for female as CGI proceeded. Now you can draw subtle design on each clothes even in Anime with CGI

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