Tokyopop to release Stray Sheep books

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Three new books aimed at young children

TOKYOPOP has announced that they will be publishing three new books based on Stray Sheep. Stray Sheep is a series of Anime shorts that debuted on Japanese TV in 1994, TOKYOPOP has the rights to the Stray Sheep Anime, but has yet to release it.

The three books, featuring art by Stray Sheep creator Tatsutoshi Nomura, will be released in North America and the UK in September and are TOKYOPOP's first foray into the younger children's book market. Poe at Play and Merry On the Move feature stories by DJ Milky. The books are destined to bookstores that carry TOKYOPOP's manga offering, such as Barnes and Noble. Comic book stores will also be able to order them, but given their clientelle may chose not to.

Excerpts from Press Release:

The Stray Sheep hardcover picture book ($18.99; ages 5 & under) introduces Poe and Merry, two curious sheep whose adventures take place in the enchanting world between Mt. Dizzy Tizzy and the See Saw Sea. When Poe awakens to find Merry gone, he fears that she may be hiding from Zack the Wolf, so he sets off in search of her and meets a host of new friends along the way. The first printing includes a bonus limited-edition DVD featuring the original Japanese animated shorts that inspired the books.

In Stray Sheep: Poe at Play ($9.99; ages 5 & under), young readers meet Poe, the cutest and cuddliest stray sheep in Twin Forest. Poe's two favorite pastimes are playing and sleeping! And when these two hobbies collide, the result is nothing short of magical. Children can join Poe as he plays in the bright sun, flies up into the clouds, takes a dip in the refreshing sea and settles down to a nice long nap. Complete with a plush Poe insert, Poe at Play is the perfect book to snuggle up with at bedtime.

Merry searches for her forever-wandering best friend in Stray Sheep: Merry On the Move ($9.99; ages 5 & under). Where did Poe go? With Merry on the case, it's always an adventure! She searches high and low-across the Log Gone Bridge, along a sandy beach, and finally atop a big hill-until she finds him. Merry On the Move also includes an adorable plush sheep insert ideal for little hands to touch.

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