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Following the initial announcement at Anime Expo 2003, ADV announces the formal launch of the new publishing division.

ADV Films is continuing its expansion into all aspects of the anime industry by announcing the creation of ADV Manga. The move was hinted at during Fanime, officially confirmed at Anime Expo, and now includes a press release and official website. With fifteen titles already confirmed, ADV joins the increasingly crowded manga market with a splash.

Excerpts from the press release:
The division will publish manga-Japanese graphic novels-as well as other types of books, including high-quality art books, tie-in volumes to anime (Japanese animation) films and series, and more.

The U.S. market for manga was recently estimated by at approximately $100 million annually, with growth rate predictions as high as 30% for the current year. Correspondingly, traditional comic-store outlets and now mainstream bookstores have dramatically increased the amount of shelf space dedicated to these titles, helping in turn to drive even more growth.

"With ADV Manga we are seeking to capitalize on the current explosive growth in the U.S. market for manga and related graphic forms," said A.D. Vision, Inc. President and CEO John Ledford. "We feel that combining our strong overseas relationships with our knowledge of the domestic market for Japanese cultural commodities and our proven marketing and distribution capability is a strong recipe for success.

Initial title acquisitions include numerous titles which tie into anime titles already licensed to A.D. Vision, Inc.'s ADV Films division. Full Metal Panic!, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Steel Angel Kurumi, Azumanga Daioh, Najica and the RahXephon BIBLE illustration book are all examples.

"Our cross-promotional capability is key to the traction we've already developed in the licensing market," said Ledford. "We're able to reach consumers and potential consumers through our anime division, the monthly magazine Newtype USA, and via the Anime Network as well; the synergy is extraordinary."

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