Japan Fights Piracy Abroad

posted on 2004-08-23 10:38 EDT
Sticker to Identify Legitimate Products

With foreign export generating larger and more significant portion of the Japanese entertainment industry's income, especially in manga and anime, Japanese companies are working on methods to minimize their significant losses to piracy.

Due to its nature, manga sales have not been suffering significant losses to piracy, however there is a large number of pirated CDs and DVDs being sold overseas, large enough for the Japanese industry to begin researching and implementing drastic counter-measures.

The Japanese visual contents industry will begin labeling products with stickers designating them as legitimate exports, thereby making it easy to identify pirated goods. In July it was reported that 38 Japanese entertainment companies were set to introduce a "Made in Japan" trademark for similar purposes. According to a current report on Yahoo! Japan, companies will start adding the stickers to exported goods as early as this September. In order to provide additional ammunition for their fight against international piracy they will also begin applying for trademarks in various countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

The reports do not mention what measures will be taken to keep piracy operations from copying producing fake copies of the identifying stickers.

Additionally, it was recently mentioned at the Otakon "State of the Industry" panel that Japanese companies may start direct legal processes against North American fansubbers (more details on this will be presented in our final Otakon coverage later this week).

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