Manga-style Elvira

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Cult Horror Queen Elvira set to make her transition to Manga this December in Shoujo Punk Anime's Faehunter.

Shoujo Punk Anime, a publisher of manga style comics announced that it has obtained permission to include Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, as a cameo character in its Faehunter series. Elvira will make a number of cameo appearances in the series, but will not be a main character.

However they are currently "discussing" a seperate mini-series, a pocket guide to the supernatural, that will feature Elvira as the main subject.

In addition to to Elvira's cameo appearances, the first issue of Faehunter will include a pin-up poster of one of the Faehunter characters drawn by Stephen R. Bennett IV (of Studio IronCat). Each issue of Faehunter will include a pin-up of a different character drawn by Bennett, Elvira will also be one of the pin-ups.

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