Kristine Sa to do AnimeToonz3

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Kristine Sa and DJ Jinnai to Collaborate on AnimeToonz3: Kristine Sa

Nemesis Records has announced that Kristine Sa will collaborate on the third AnimeToonz remix album, "AnimeToonz3: Kristine Sa."

Sa will work with DJ Jinnai on the CD. Jinnai will remix several anime theme songs.

Partial Track Listing:

1. Inuyasha - "Every Heart" Japanese
2. Cowboy Bebop - "The Real Folk Blues"
3. Ranma 1/2 - "Jajauma Ni Sasenaide' [the Yapapa song]
4. Gundam - "Find The Way"
5. Urusei Yatsura - "Lum No Love Song"
6. Candy Candy - "Candy Candy"
7. Inuyasha - "Dearest"

AnimeToonz 3 will be available from Jellybean and Sony this October.

The first two AnimeToonz CDs featured anime music remixed by non-anime DJs and received mixed reviews from fans and the media (ANN was not impressed with Animetoonz Presents: Kikuko Inoue). For the third CD the producers at Jellybean contacted Nemesis Records to bring in a DJ with an anime background. DJ Jinnai has made a career out of remixing anime songs and was tapped to work on AnimeToonz3

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