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posted on 2005-10-18 10:21 EDT
The 2005 winners of the Digital Manga Awards have been announced.

The World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan last month played host to the Digital Manga Awards. The winners were announced September 19 on the official website. The awards were organized by the Digital Manga Association.

The Digital Manga Awards recognized creative manga that made use of the distinctive characteristics of digital media. All submissions had to incorporate on or more ofthe following themes, "The Earth," "People" and "Mammoths."

Digital Manga Grand Prize
Artist: Mori Nobuaki
Title: Around the Earth
Artist's Description: As a boy watches the setting sun, somewhere else on Earth it is morning, it is noon, and it is night. After all, it is all one world.

First Prize:

Adult Groups

Print Category
Ogata Nakaharu
Title: Manmochan no Fushigi na Nozokiana (Mammothy's Amazing Peep Hole)

Web Category
Hamada Miyoho
Title: Ore to Goshujin (Me and her husband)

Media Content Category
Hana Hige
Title: Mushi no Wakusei (Bug Planet)

Boys and Girls Category:
Saitou Megumi
Title: Shizen o Hakai Suru to (If we Destroy Nature.)


Print Category
Title: Colors

Title: Igirisu Nikki (England diary)

Haneda Natsumi
Title: Tsuki Usagi no Oosouji (The Moon Rabbit's Spring cleaning)

Web Category
Title: Choudai (Gimme)

Title: Keetaikun(Mobile-boy)

Media Content Category:
Kawakami Hideyuki
Title: Anima -Shoujyo Jidai (Anima - Schoolgirl Years)

Boys and Girls Category:
Oosaka Public Middle School Abiko-South
Title: Arigatou no Tane (Thankful Seed)

Nagase Kana
Title: Heiwa o Kanjitai (I Want to Experience Peace)

Toda Misako
Title: Parapara Manga (Flip Book)

Honorable Mention:

Print Category:
Title: Purupuruseijin "Chikyuu e" (Purupuru Aliens "To Earth")

Thanks to Robert Ketcherside for this article.

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