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High School Girls Anime

posted on by Christopher Macdonald

<cite class="e company"><a href="/encyclopedia/company.php?id=2276">Futabasha</a></cite> has <a href="http://www.futabasha.co.jp/?magazine=comic_high">announced</a> that <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=26981">Towa Oshima</a></cite>'s manga series High School Girls, which is serialised in <cite class="e company">Futabasha</cite>'s <cite class="e anime"><a href="/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=12243">Comic High!</a></cite>, is to be adapted into an anime series.<br> <br> The series will be animated at <cite class="e company"><a href="/encyclopedia/company.php?id=1443">Arms</a></cite> studio, produced by <cite class="e company"><a href="/encyclopedia/company.php?id=99">GENCO</a></cite> and directed by <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=3875">Yoshitaka Fujimoto</a></cite>.<br> <br> <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=17354">Hitomi Nabatame</a></cite> will voice the role of <a >Eriko Takahashi</a>, <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=5663">Masumi Asano</a></cite> will voice <a >Yuma Suzuki</a> and <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=3166">Mamiko Noto</a></cite> will voice <a >Ayano Sato</a>. They will be joined by <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=278">Satsuki Yukino</a></cite> (<a >Akari Koda</a>), <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=807">Kyoko Hikami</a></cite> (<a >Kyoko Himeji</a>), <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=1634">Sawa Ishige</a></cite> (<a >Ikue Ogawa</a>) and <cite class="e person"><a href="/encyclopedia/people.php?id=7592">Ai Shimizu</a></cite> (<a >Momoka Suzuki</a>).<br> <br> The <cite class="e anime"><a href="/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=4154">High School Girls<i> manga</i></a></cite> is available in English from <cite class="e company"><a href="/encyclopedia/company.php?id=3809">DrMaster</a></cite>.<cite class="e anime"><a href="/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=6024"></a></cite><br> <br> Thank you to Vitruvius for this item.

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