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Kurenai Tennyo from Glass Mask Adapted into Noh Play

Based on an imaginary play central to the plot of The Glass Mask manga, Kurenai Tennyo (The Crimson Goddess) will premiere Friday, Feburary 24 at National Noh Theatre in Tokyo.

In the manga, Maya Kitajima joins a theater group run by Chigusa Tsukikage, a famous actress who was disfigured in an accident. Tsukikage has the exclusive rights to perform Kurenai Tennyo, a play that was originally created for her to star in. Kitajima and her rival Ayumi Himekawa vie for top spot in Tsukikage's theatrical troup.

While the noh play is based on Kurenai Tennyo, the prolog features Tsukikage.

More information about the noh play, and how it came to be, can be found in this article in Daily Yomiuri.

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