Suncoast Anime Update

posted on 2006-05-23 17:29 EDT
Despite large losses, anime companies heading back to Suncoast

An article in the latest issue of Video Business Magazine reports on Trans World's new efforts on DVD with its new acquisition of the remaining Musicland, Sam Goody and Suncoast stores. 173 Suncoasts will remain open, and the Sam Goody stores will be all turned into FYE's, with more DVD presence as DVD sales are up, and music is way down. They will also be opening a few FYE superstores, in an effort to be in places besides malls.

Regarding anime, it is stated, "Many suppliers are moving beyond their past grievances with troubled Musicland and supporting Trans World's plans. Although Navarre was one of Musicland's largest unsecured creditors, its Funimation label is expanding its product across Trans World brands. As an anime specialist, Suncoast has been Funimation's No. 1 to No. 2 account. Going forward, Trans World is aiming to keep Suncoasts's anime strength intact and also ramp up the niche at FYE."

Ward Thomas, Funimation senior VP sales and operations explains that Funimation cut deliveries to Musicland when the stores started closing, in order to minimize the fallout of a possible bankruptcy. "But we have had some meetings with Trans World, and they are interested in anime content. They want to get more foot traffic into their stores."

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