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posted on by Evan Miller
Japanese online bookstore launches Manga Rental for 100 yen a volume

Japanese online bookstore Papyrus, following a trend in manga rental for cell phones, has launched a manga rental service tailored for regular computer users.

The site, called "Renta!", officially opened on April 10th. Customers pay 100 yen (95 cents in US funds) for an "electronic ticket" that they use to read one volume of manga. The manga is available to the user for 24 hours through a special online viewer that operates within the user's web browser. For more money (300-500 yen/about 4 US Dollars), users can download a permanent copy of some manga volumes. Also, as a special promotion for the site, Renta! is also allowing users to read a few titles, including Mythical Detective Loki and Mamotte Shugogetten!, at no cost for a limited time.

Papyrus has experimented with various viewers and programs for online book rental. Despite previous problems with viewing software in the past, the company has stated that the software is more user friendly than it was before. The company currently hosts more than 60,000 titles online from 395 publishers.

Source: Anime!Anime!

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