"Surreal" Online Japanese Manga Becomes Comedy DVD

posted on by Evan Miller
Cynical Panda online comic recreates jokes in live action comedy routine

The genre of Japanese "shu-ru manga" (literally, "surreal manga") and webcomics has reached a very unique milestone: the bizzare web manga Yasagure Panda (Cynical Panda) is becoming a live-action DVD.

The series originally appeared here under the subtitle "Sanzoku Underground." The online comic concluded in late 2004, but the artist has moved on to another online comic. Since then, Cynical Panda has become a cult hit. The comics were eventually published in book form by Artist House Publishing in late 2005. The artist, also known as Sanzoku, maintains a website with old and new comics here.

The series is made up of short discussions between a human and a panda about everything from popular culture to language jokes. The panda will be voiced by Namase Katsuhisa, who played the character of Sawatari Goro in the TV Drama adaptation of the Gokusen manga. The young man who chats with the panda will be played by Sakai Masato, who appeared as Hanamoto Shuji (Shu-chan) in the Honey and Clover live-action film.

Source: Mantan Web

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