Nabari no Ou Modern Ninja Manga to be Animated for TV

posted on by Egan Loo
14-year-old boy holds ultimate power for hidden ninja world

The January issue (on sale December 18) of Square Enix's Monthly G Fantasy manga magazine will announce that Yuhki Kamatani's Nabari no Ou modern-day ninja manga will be adapted for television animation. The Animate retail chain revealed the planned announcement on its page for this particular issue.

The story revolves around Miharu Rokujō, a seemingly ordinary middle school boy whose body possesses a secret "Omnipotent" (Shinrabanshō) power from a hidden ninja world. Miharu discovers that he is being watched over by two Banten ninja — his English teacher Durandal Tobari Kumohira and his classmate Kōichi Aizawa — and a 14-year-old female samurai named Raimei Shimizu. Meanwhile, the Iga Gray Wolf Pack is hunting Miharu down for his power. Square Enix published the seventh volume of the manga in October.

Source: Moon Phase

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