Kamikaze Girls' Kyoko Fukada Joins Yatterman Cast

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Actor Katsuhisa Namase, comedian Kendo Kobayashi to co-star as villainous cohorts

Kyoko Fukada, who played Momoko Ryugasaki in the film adaptation of the novel Kamikaze Girls, has been cast for the role of the villain Doronjo in Takashi Miike's live-action take on the classic 1977-1979 Yatterman anime. In the original, Doronjo was voiced by the veteran voice actress Noriko Ohara. The producers then announced on Monday that actor Katsuhisa Namase (live action Gokusen's Goro Sawatari, live-action Trick's Kenzô Yabe) and comedian Kendo Kobayashi will play the weapons developer Boyakkii and the muscleman Tonzuraa, respectively. As Yatterman's main three villains, Doronjo, Boyakkii, and Tonzuraa are almost as popular in Japan as the heroes, in spite (or perhaps because of) their bumbling evil schemes.

Miike's Yatterman is set to begin filming in March and is scheduled to open in the spring of 2009. It will feature mechanical designs by Katsuya Terada. Singers Sho Sakurai and Saki Fukuda have been cast to play Ai-chan and Gan-chan, the male and female leads respectively.

Source: TokyoGraph

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