Images of Japanese Stitch! Anime Previewed

posted on by Egan Loo
At Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 on Thursday, American media conglomerate Walt Disney unveiled a three-minute pilot video of Stitch!, the television series animated by Japan's Madhouse studio for the Japanese market. Disney's original Lilo & Stitch film (pictured at right) and its earlier spinoffs centered on a space alien named Stitch and the Hawaiian girl who adopts him. This new project will feature a new girl, tentatively named Hanako, who hails from southern Japan's Okinawan islands and knows karate. The pilot includes traditional Okinawan music. The AFP news source posted a photograph that shows Stitch and the new Japanese heroine. (In the linked page, click on the photo for a slightly larger view.) Disney also covered its Fireball production with Toei Animation and its Robo Crosser production with Telecom Animation Film.

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