Bandai to Sell "Karaoke" Unit for Dubbing Anime Scenes

posted on by Egan Loo

Bandai Namco Games announced the prototype for its Afrec! technology at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 on March 27. Like karaoke, the machine allows fans to add their voices to their favorite tracks. Unlike karaoke, the machine does voiceovers for anime scenes, not songs. The machine displays a short sequence from popular anime with subtitled dialogue, and the fans voice over their favorite characters.

The name Afrec! comes from "afureko" ("after-recording"), the Japanese term for dialogue dubbing sessions that are recorded after the video is made. Almost all Japnese animated productions record the dialogue after a rough edit of the animation is cut. Bandai plans to sell Afrec! in the middle of this year, and is also developing a version for films.

Source: AFP BBNews

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