Detroit Metal City Manga's Death Records Label is Born

posted on 2008-07-14 02:05 EDT by Egan Loo

Not-So-Daily Link of the Day: Four more singles are being released for August 23's live-action film adaptation of the Detroit Metal City manga, and they are being released under a new label named after the manga's fictional Death Records. In Kiminori Wakasugi's rock parody manga, the three Detroit Metal City band members are recruited by the nameless Death Records president who frightens them with her habits, such as popping drugs at all hours and putting out her cigarettes on her own tongue.

In real life, a total of five singles and one album will be released under Death Records, including one single previously announced and three singles by other musical acts from the manga. All the band and song names come from names mentioned in the manga itself, such as "Slash Killer," "Grotesque," "Death Penis," "Ano Musume o Rape," and "Mad Monster." The six releases are as follows:

August 6

  • Satsugai/Amai Koibito
    Detroit Metal City/Soichi Negishi (DMC's mild-manner lead singer, as acted by Ken-ichi Matsuyama and performed by Hideki Kaji)

August 13

  • Maō/Rasberry Kiss
    Detroit Metal City/Soichi Negishi (Hideki Kaji)
  • Detarame Mother-Con (Mother Complex) Cherry Boy
    Kintama Girls
  • From NY City
    MC Kiva (K Dub Shine)
  • Sally My Love
    Tetra-pot Melon Tea (Hideki Kaji)

August 20

  • Makai Yūgi
    Detroit Metal City (debut album)

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