Gunota Headlines Blog for Gundam News Shuts Down

posted on by Mikhail Koulikov
Blog covered new Gundam series, toys, Japanese pop-culture mentions

After close to five years of operation, the Gunota Headlines blog, considered by the Gundam fan community to be one of the Internet's best sources of information on the robot anime franchise, has stopped updating. One of its co-editors recently had to deal with health issues that limited his ability to contribute to the blog, while the other found that he had less and less time to devote to the site as his full-time job took up more and more of his time.

Over the previous four-plus years, Gunota has consistently been a go-to source for news about upcoming Gundam animated projects and toys in Japan, as well as other information related to the various incarnations of the Gundam series. Anime News Network has, on numerous occasions, referenced Gunota as a source for its own articles. ANN Editor-in-Chief Christopher Macdonald states, "ANN would like to thank the maintainers of Gunota Headlines for their efforts, and wishes them luck in their future endeavors."

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