Macross Creator Kawamori to Launch Basquash Project

posted on 2008-10-21 10:10 EDT

The upcoming Basquash project by Macross and Escaflowne creator Shoji Kawamori was announced at Tokyo International Film Festival on Sunday. The project's teaser website, which is copyrighted "© SK, TR/S/PB," opened with a 50-day countdown and two live-action movies. The movies depict a Nike basketball being disturbed by rumbling in the distance and the Nike-shoe-wearing feet of a robot. The Basquash website's address has been registered by Satelight, Kawamori's studio, since October of 2006.

Kawamori will be participating in a November 29 discussion event called "Science Fiction Anime Made Real!? A Heated Discussion on Robots: Dreams and Passion Will Create the Future of Robots" in Tokyo. Takayuki Furuta (the developer of the eight-legged Halluc II robot) and Ikuo Mizuuchi (the co-creator of the walking humanoid Kotarō robot) will also appear at the event with their robots. Kawamori had previously designed aSony 's ERS-220 Aibo robotic dog variant and created a fictional robot design to promote Nissan's Dualis sports-utility vehicle.

Source: Dengeki Online (second link)

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