Jinki: Extend's New Manga to Launch in May (Updated)

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Sirou Tunasima's robot series, 5 more titles to debut in same Dragon Age issue

The April issue of Fujimi Shobo's Dragon Age magazine will announce on Monday that Sirou Tunasima will launch a new Jinki: Extend robot series in the June issue, which will ship on May 9. Tunasima acknowledged in his online blog that he was discussing a Jinki: Extend project with Fujimi Shobo, but added that he cannot talk about the details yet. While the new series, whose title is not finalized yet, will be based on the story of the earlier Jinki: Extend manga, it will have a new heroine named Akao Hīragi.

Jinki has enjoyed a long, if convoluted, publication history. Tunasima published the original Jinki manga in Enix's Monthly Gangan Wing from 2000 to 2001. He then renamed his manga Jinki: Extend during a move to Mag Garden's Monthly Comic Blade magazine from 2002 to 2006. After Tunasima pulled the manga from Mag Garden over creative differences in 2007, Jinki moved again to MediaWorks' Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine in 2008. The Comic Dengeki Daioh run of the renamed Jinki -Shinsetsu- manga ended last October.

ADV Manga published part of Mag Garden's Jinki: Extend manga run (pictured at right) in North America in 2006. The manga inspired a 2005 television anime series that ADV Films also released in 2006.

Before the new Jinki: Extend series starts, seven other titles will launch in Dragon Age's May issue, which will ship in April 9. Five more titles will start in Dragon Age in the June issue on the same day that the new Jinki: Extend series does. Those titles are Caliber Meister by Akagi-Hagane, Death Scythe by Etsuya Mashima, Parasite Princess by Urotan, Kukku Robin o Korosu no wa (Killing Cock Robin) by Yōryū, and Evergreed by Syu. Four still more titles will debut in the July issue, which ships on June 9.

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Update: Although the new Jinki: Extend series will have new main characters, Akao Hīragi is retained from the original manga. Thanks, Demonic+Elemental.

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