Osamu Yamasaki's Followup on Animator Salaries Translated

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins

The Welcome Datacomp blog has posted an authorized English translation of a follow-up post made in June 2009 by animation director Osamu Yamasaki (Anime V Comic Rentaman, Gestalt, Itazura na Kiss, Toward the Terra) regarding salaries in the animation industry. The original post provided in detail the salaries of different positions in the animation industry, from the sound director to animation director, and how those salaries are broken down based on hours put in per episode for each position.

In his follow-up post, Yamasaki reiterates the salaries of various positions in the animation industry and explains that it is the department a person works for, not the experience, that dictates the salary range of an employee. Yamasaki insists that the budgets for an animation production are not equally balanced and posits where changes could be made to improve the situation, and writes, "The anime industry is by no means poor. It's the animators who are." Yamasaki asks anime industry insiders to please realize the situation and have the courage to change it.

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