Takashi Miike's Nintama/Ninja Kids Manner Ad Streamed

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13 Assassins/Yatterman director's remake of kids' ninja story opens Saturday

The Cinema Today website began streaming the 30-second "manner" commercial created in collaboration with Takashi Miike's Nintama Rantaro (Ninja Kids!!) film on July 7. Japanese theaters show manner commercials, similar to the reminder videos in other countries, before the main features to remind people to turn off the mobile phones, to avoid talking, and to maintain a pleasant viewing experience for others in the theater.

The Nintama Rantarō manner commercial notes that sleeping, talking, "blowing up the theater," and "shuriken (throwing knives)" are prohibited. The commercial also reminds viewers to turn off their mobile phones.

In the live-action film adaptaion of the long-running Nintama Rantaro ninja comedy anime series, Seishirō Katō plays the title role of a ninja apprentice at an elite ninjutsu academy in historical Japan. As first-graders, Rantarō and his ninja-in-training friends are called "Nintama" — a contraction of the words "ninja" and "tamago" ("egg").

The television anime adaptation based on Soubee Amako's Rakudai Ninja Rantarō ninja gag manga, which debuted in 1993. There was already an animated film made in 1996, and a new anime film opened in March, before the live-action film. Miike's numerous previous films include 13 Assassins, Crows Zero, and Yatterman.

The live-action Nintama Rantaro film will open in Japan this Saturday.

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