Uziga's Zombie Manga Rain For the Dead Gets Live-Action Film

posted on by Egan Loo
Mai-chan's Daily Life creator Waita Uziga inspires Summer 2012 feature film

Manga creator Waita Uziga (Mai-chan's Daily Life/Mai-chan no Nichijō) announced on Tuesday that a live-action film adaptation of his tenatively titled Ame-Agari no Kimi (Rain For the Dead) zombie manga has been green-lit for release next summer. The story centers around a man and a woman in a world overrun by the living dead. The title is a reference to a plot point; the man can safely venture out of his home when it is raining, since the rain conceals his scent from the zombies.

Uziga is best known for his extremely violent guro (grotesque) manga Mai-chan no Nichijō. He is serving as executive producer for the Rain For the Dead film, while Bishop Koyama is writing and directing the 90-minute project. Zerai Naoi will be the special make-up artist. Uziga plans to announce the cast and the ongoing status of the production through his blog, Twitter account, and other venues.

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