3 in Japan Arrested for Unauthorized K-ON! Car Stickers

posted on by Ko Ransom

Police from Fukuoka, Japan arrested three individuals in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture under suspicions that they were creating car decal stickers using unauthorized images from the K-ON! series. According to the police, all three men — one of whom is the man behind the "Benho e-factory" website — admitted their guilt.

The police say that the men sold at least 44 million yen (about US$550,000) worth of goods from their store between August 2008 and April 2012, some of which was earned through the sale of illegally-reproduced goods. The specific goods that led to their arrest were three K-ON! stickers created by editing images such as official K-ON!! CD jackets on a computer.

Source: Asahi

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