Hekiru Shiina Delays Concerts by 8 Months Due to Temporary Deafness

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Rayearth voice actress hopes "sudden hearing loss" does not get any worse

Japanese voice actress Hekiru Shiina (Magic Knight Rayearth's Hikaru Shindō, Seitokai Yakuindomo's Nene Todoroki) announced on her official blog on Friday that her concert tour has been postponed from January to August due to "temporary sudden hearing loss." She wrote that she is very sorry to disappoint those who were excited to go, and also for causing trouble for the people around her. Shiina said this is the first time in her entire singing career that she has ever had to cancel an event, and her heart hurts very much to do so.

Shiina revealed that she was struck with a case of temporary sudden hearing loss once before, a while ago. After a long period of medical treatment, it was miraculously cured. However, with bad timing, it just recently resurfaced. Even though she had the fear of it resurfacing sometime, she continued performing music because she loved it too much to stop. She had wanted to try to bear with it as far as she could and do the concert tour, but because it caused serious problems in her singing, she realized she had no choice but to postpone the tour. She is planning to take the time of postponing the concert to recover, and make sure it does not get any worse.

Her website announced that the "Hekiru Shiina Live Tour 2013 ~Early Spring Concerts" will restart next summer, and that an "I'm Sorry" event is being held to express her apologies for the postponement. The event will take place at Zepp Tokyo on January 5, but the post apologized to fans in Nagoya and Osaka, and asked them to please wait till next summer for the concerts, since there is no "I'm Sorry" events being held there.

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