DX Chogokin Mazinger Z Toy to Include New Nagai Manga

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Manga artist Go Nagai (Devilman, Cutey Honey, Demon Prince Enma) has drawn a new Mazinger Z manga to be bundled exclusively with Tamashii Nation's DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z toy. The 20-page prologue story describes what happens before Juzo Kabuto gives the Mazinger Z to Koji Kabuto.

In an interview with Go Nagai, he describes the manga as follows:

"I drew about 20 pages, a story that fills in the blank before Juzo Kabuto gives Mazinger Z to Koji Kabuto. You could call it "Episode 0" of Mazinger Z. Why does Juzo Kabuto have this giant chamber underneath his house? Why did he create Mazinger Z in the first place? What is the relationship between Juzo and Dr. Hell? It's a prelude to the Mazinger Z everyone knows. I drew up to what amounts to two episodes of serialized manga. And the story covers that amount of time.

The DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z toy will arrive next May. The robot is about 30 centimeters tall (about 11.8 inches) and comes inside a replica hanger that doubles as an armor display case. The hanger takes two AAA batteries that run its display lights and launch sound effects. The figure's armor also tears away to reveal intricately replicated inner workings. The figure and its remote run on two AAA batteries each. The remote control allows Mazinger Z to sound off his iconic attack phrases and play the series' theme songs.

The set also includes the Hover Plider and miniature Koji Kabuto that can rest in Mazinger Z's head, a crane, and crane car. The entire package retails for 36,750 yen (about US$438). The Jet Scander attachment can be purchased separately for an additional 8,190 yen (US$98).

Tamashii Nations is featuring the figure, along with other Mazinger Z merchandise at its Akiba Showroom until December 23.

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