Haganai NEXT Blu-rays/DVDs Delayed 2 More Months

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Production company Media Factory announced that it has again postponed each of the Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases of the Haganai NEXT anime by two months, from volume 2 onward. The second volume of the sequel series moved from June to August, the third volume from July to September, fourth volume from August to October, fifth volume from September to November, and the sixth volume from October to December.

In addition, Media Factory revised the description for each of these volumes. Instead of having a jacket with exclusive art drawn by original novel illustrator Buriki and anime character designer Yoshihiro Watanabe, each volume will have art drawn by just Watanabe. Each volume will include a postcard with art that Buriki had previously drawn for Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine.

Media Factory announced a previous one-month delay for the discs' release last month after another one-month delay in April. The sixth Blu-ray Disc release of the first Haganai anime series was also delayed by two months last year.

The 12-episode first season aired in Japan in October 2011, and FUNimation Entertainment licensed the franchise in North America in January 2012. The sequel anime series started airing in Japan on January 10 of this year, with FUNimation streaming episodes in North America.

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