ShiftyLook Web Comic Project Shutting Down

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Namco Bandai Games' ShiftyLook project will end its web comic series, video game services, and forums in the coming month. The staff announced on Monday that the project successfully completed its goals of reviving older game franchises. The site hosted a Klonoa comic by creator Hitoshi Ariga (Big O, Mega Man Megamix, Megaman Gigamix) and a Katamari Damacy comic.

The webcomics will end with the following chapters: Bravoman ends at #300; Wonder Momo ends at #200; Katamari ends at #150; Galaga ends at #100; Valkyrie ends at #100; Klonoa ends at #65; Tower of Babel ends at #26; Dig Dug Vol. 2 ends at #18.

The BRAVOMAN: Binja Bash! mobile game will allow in-app purchases until March 16 and be available for download until March 20. Namco High on will shut down its servers June 30. The ShiftyLook website will cease updating after March 20 and forums will also close that day. The site's web servers will go down on September 30.

The Wonder Momo video game and anime are still scheduled as are art books by Udon Entertainment. Available licensed merchandise will also still be available at retailers and

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