Persona Q 3DS Game's Koromaru, Kanji Character Videos Streamed

posted on 2014-03-28 10:34 EDT by Sarah Nelkin
Persona 3, 4 heroes/heroines gather for June 5 Nintendo 3DS RPG

Japanese video game publisher Atlus began streaming character introduction videos for Persona 3's Koromaru and Persona 4's Kanji Tatsumi for its upcoming Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Nintendo 3DS game on Thursday:

    Aegis: This is Koromaru. It appears that he is making his self-introduction with much energy.
    Yosuke: Wait, you mean this dog is too!?
    Akihiko: He's a Persona-user. His owner passed away, and he lives with us now.
    Teddy: Whoa!?
    Yukiko: Koro-chan, you're amazing. I heard you watched over the shrine all that time in the place of your late owner.
    Chie: There, there, you're doing your best, huh?
    Teddy: Koromaru, you saved me back there. ...Thank you beary much.
    Teddy: D-Don't misunderstand, OK!? I haven't given up the title of "pretty" to you yet, ya know!
    Text: Mamudoon

    Kanji: Huh!? You serious!? Does that mean there are bad guys here!?
    Kanji: I'm not taking responsibility if we're attacked by Shadows!
    Kanji: Huh!? You wanna die, idiot!?
    Kanji: Hey... Let me touch him.
    Kanji: It's... Kinda cute.
    Kanji: If I just continue to fool myself, I'll never catch up. Trying to trick myself is pretty tiring. I've been through it, so I know.
    Kanji: This is where me, the underclassman, needs to show my stuff! Wait... What? Ahhhh!!
    Kanji: I don't really get it, but in the end, it's all good if we defeat him, right?
    Kanji: As if I can just run away with my tail between my legs at this point!!
    Kanji: I'm not finished! I won't lose to anyone in power, idiot! Break them up, Take-Mikazuchi! All right, and then there were none!
    Kanji: It doesn't matter what words I use. What I want to convey isn't words, it's feelings.

The game will ship in Japan on June 5. People who pre-order the game will receive the Persona Q: Sound of the Labyrinth original soundtrack. The CD will feature the new music from the game, in special re-arrangements by the Atlus sound team that can only be heard on this CD.

There will also be a Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Famitsu DX Pack with the game itself, a B2-size tapestry illustrated by the Persona Q anime staff, an A3-size clear poster illustrated by Atlus, a set of five different visual clear file folders, an original mug cup, and a Graphig paper figure of Rei.

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