Chō Megami Shinkō Noire: Gekishin Black Heart's Battle Movie Streamed

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Franchise's 1st simulation RPG to ship for PS Vita on May 29

Video game developer Compile Heart began streaming the battle movie for its Chō Megami Shinkō Noire: Gekishin Black Heart video game for PlayStation Vita on Friday. In the video, the mini versions of Neptune (Rie Tanaka), Vert (Rina Satou), and Blanc (Kana Asumi) face off against Noire (Asami Imai).

In the beginning of the video, Noire laughs at Neptune, asking her if she really thinks she can fight with the power gap between the two teams. An angry Neptune retorts, saying that she definitely won't lose. After Noire tells the three goddesses not to regret their decision, the four girls transform and begin to fight.

Noire/Black Heart, the most popular Neptunia character, "finally" takes the center stage in this game. Instead of the world of Gamindustri, the game features a different world (Game Shijō, or roughly translated, "Gamemarket") for new adventures.

Noire can make 18 friends in the game, including new characters. The goddesses Neptune/Purple Heart, Blanc/White Heart, and Vert/Green Heart also return.

Sting, a developer known for SRPGs, is working on the title. The staff includes Compile Heart series producer Naoko Mizuno, Compile Heart producer Shirō Higa, and Sting development producer Hikaru Yasui.

The game will ship in Japan on May 29. The limited edition will include a Noire figure, and a drama CD. People who pre-order will receive a visual book with designs. Different retailers will offer unique bonus goods as well.

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