Studio Trigger Teases Inferno Cop Sequel at Anime Expo

posted on 2014-07-07 13:10 EDT
Designs revealed but sequel not confirmed

Studio Trigger mentioned the tentative anime series Inferno Cop II at its Anime Expo panel on Friday, stating that, "if we didn't get positive feedback here, we thought about just tossing it into the garbage." The panel included new visuals from Inferno Cop conceptual designer Shigeto Koyama, including designs for three new characters.

Inferno Cop's Twitter account posted comments on Friday about the alleged new series:

Huh... There's really a 2?

It gets hectic when making an anime, so it's a pain

Inferno Cop's Twitter account wrote in October that "Starting today, I will be known as Inferno Cop 2. It seems like a sequel was announced in a distant foreign land." However, the unofficial Twitter account for Trigger clarified, "We did present a joke pv video at an event that took place in Tokushima (we just came back). […] We may possibly do it after [Kill la Kill], who knows."

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