Shouta Aoi, Daisuke Hirakawa Star in Kono Danshi, Sekika ni Nayandemasu OVA

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Soubi Yamamoto's 26-minute video anime slated for December 3

The official website for Kono Danshi, Sekika ni Nayandemasu. (This Boy Is Worrying About Turning to Stone) announced the original video anime's lead cast on September 27. The series stars:

Shouta Aoi as Ayumu Tamari, a 19-year-old who's repeating his third year of high school. He's turning into stone from the stress, and he has a complex about it. He starts to develop feelings for Onihara, his homeroom teacher who shows him concern.

Daisuke Hirakawa as Kōya Onihara, a 25-year-old earth science teacher. He seems slovenly but he cares for his students. He likes rocks and collects them in the science room. He takes an interest in Ayumu turning into stone.

Soubi Yamamoto will return to provide the original work, scripts, and will also take the position of director for the project. The 26-minute original anime will ship on DVD on December 3. Shouta Aoi will also sing the OVA's theme song, "glitter wish."

As a 21-year-old, Yamamoto made her scriptwriting and directorial debut in 2011 with the first 28-minute Kono Danshi anime, Kono Danshi, Uchū-jin to Tatakaemasu. (This Boy Can Fight Aliens!). Her followup, Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita. (This Boy Caught a Merman), was released in 2012. Last year, the third installment titled Kono Danshi, Akunin to Yobaremasu. (This Boy Is Called A Scoundrel) was released as a drama CD.

Sentai Filmworks licensed and released both This Boy Caught a Merman and This Boy Can Fight Aliens! for North America.

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